Saturday, 1 October 2011

Trials and Temptations

Salam 1 Malaysia..hehehee..nun dengah?..sayu kum bakeh?..hurmm..actually I don't know much to say about.sometimes life can be hard..cantik susah,handsome susah.single susah.ada kapel susah..aiyoo..apa ini macam wo..hahaaa..well..there's no easy in this life guys.take note of is beautiful if we know how to manage it.relying it with God's hand..I believe our life will more cheerful..full of me...we all know we aren't perfect person.everyone have weakness..everyone do mistake.y not we forgive one another.we were born to love..God know our every weakness.what a friend we have in Jesus..every trials and temptations.bring it into prayer.have trust in HIM..He will console us with his grace.perfect one like HIM.yeahh..indeed...I feel down when im depressed and stressful...I can feel my world start collapse on me..too heavy for me..but through burden all gone..I feel light once again.thank,friends,lover and so much more...kinda make me more nervous..hahahaa..don't know why..the pressure is on when it goes to my final exam..I just I ready for this? idea.seriously..too much trials and temptations..fb,tv,entertainment,futsal,outing..and so much more dat try to attempt me..huhuuu...what can I say..this is too much!..haishhh~!....speechless..what more I can say..this much entertainment aheads me thou...owehhh!.tamm! head knock out on the table.its killing about my future?..I just relying on God.pray for wisdom and strength.only HIM that I trust now.everyday,everyhour,everyminute, heart would me to face all this.only you that I trust the most.huhuhuuuu....1 month left..STPM...I hope I'll be ready for it.