Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Mary Kay Cosmetics Product ♥♥♥

Mary Kay® Compact Pro® (unfilled)

The founder of Mary Kay cosmetics products

Mary Kay® Compact Mini (unfilled)

Mineral Powder Foundation

Luxurious Leisure Makeover


Skincare class with Kak Dorina

We take a picture after we got the makeover using Mary Kay Cosmetic Products

Mary Kay® Compact (unfilled)
  Anneyong everyone!..yeahh..hahaaa...I'm kinda busy preparing my final exam next blog already long time didn't touch for a few weeks nowadays.ngekk..however..I manage to have a time attending a beauty skincare class with Sis we seen at above..there's some of Mary Kay cosmetic products that I want to introduce..the products is so cool...I can feel the lightness of my skin when I first wear it doe.hahaaa!....I never tought that makeover have  a lot of process.LOL.but at least I know what exactly do before and after doing makeover.I know its.....quiet do all this stuff..esp..apply cleanser,toner,moisturisers, and so what I'm afraid is..the time!.hahahahaa~!.......but its FUN.oh sigh*.....I just try a few of the products..but I have to choose the best product for my skin...there are skin care treatment : dry,oily and skin type???...COMBINATION.not too oily and not too dry..just normal skin.and the product really works....owee yeahhh...I will get Mary Kays product one day.FYI..this products ever appeared in TYRA'S BANKS SHOW.auww~!....hahaa...I wonder if Tyra also wear this product.daa~!..its so comfortable and easy to apply it on our face.damned!..I want it so badly.hahahaa....the products not only consists of skincare..perfume for women and men,lotions,lip and eye care,specific needs like acne roll-up..etc..youuwww!..hahaahaa...if you all really interested to know more Mary Kay cosmetic's the website : you can visit DO'S BEAUTY AND HEALTH CARE SALON,MEDAN RAYA,BINTULU,SRWK..have a nice day everyone~! xoxo :)