Sunday, 9 October 2011


The Two of Us

Teens Musical Night

Jum kita makan!

smile to the camera

The gentlemens

The Ladies

Mirror mirror on the wall,who's the precious of them all?

Do you feel the sexyness from the mirror babe?

Girls run the stage

From the left : Tang Kim Hua,Augustine Bena,Deevianis Jali (Kiwi),Hallary

The King & Queen of the night : Wilra & Doreen

The Upper 6 group

The Lower 6 group
TEENS MUSICAL NIGHT.....Anneyoung once again guys! will share our very own party.the party eventhough it was just a few tables in one private balloom.but LOUD.I'm not sure which room is it.hahaaha..I don' remember the name of the room's okay.just go head with the story.The party consists of music club members..some of us also non-members attend the dinner including I already said in the previous post..I was invited in last minute.I received the invitation on Thursday.meanwhile,the dinner is on Saturday night.SEE???!....hahahahaaa!...last minute kinda 24 hours for me to be pathetic.haha!..whateverlah.the party was great.there are some performances by lower6 and upper6 music club and karaoke.even teacher also don't want to miss the moment.Mdm Sharon were karaoke that night with 1 mandarin song.Jennifer and Ericha became the MC .I notice that everyone in the room were all dressed so beautiful!..well..hahahaa..what a surprised..haha!...we are all perfectly dressed up with smart attire.the ladies wore different type of styles..the guys..omg...hahahaaa..really cool.not bad.we partying like we are in our own world.hahahahaaa!....the food quiet good.thanks to the hotel.hehehee....actually there's a lot more pictures that I have captured but I do not have much time to upload it all in the same time.huhuhuu...but yeahh...8/10/2011 was a day to remember for next chapter I'll be write again somehow.heheee....arios amigos.xoxo.